Welcome Proficiency's Overwatch Team!

Sun 30th Oct 2016 - 11:00pm

Welcome our new Overwatch roster! We love this game, and couldn't wait to finally get a talented roster for it! Now hear it from our Heroes:

"Having been given the opportunity to play under the name of Proficiency, I am very excited and motivated. We're a very hungry team and will stop at nothing, we want Proficiency to be one of the names people think of first when they think of Overwatch, and with the support on hand, I have no doubt we can get there."

- Vysrae - Team Captain & Support

"Proficient, well-structured and great relationships. Those were the very first impressions I had while playing with Proficiency's Beta team. I'm excited to play under the name of Proficiency and look forward to what the future holds."

Trickwide - Support

"Super excited to be representing PHQ as their official Overwatch squad, everyone on the team is very talented and motivated, so I'm sure we're going to go far"

- Baggins - Main Tank

“I look forward to playing under Proficiency.”

MoO - Secondary Tank

"I look forward to representing PHQ and bringing success to the organization."

Mobsn - Hitscan DPS

“With the right plan going forward I believe huge success will come our way."

Maizter - Projectile DPS

"The Team are strong, each player highly mechanically skilled, that work together as a sturdy unit, thus creating a very effective team when going into competitive play. Each player also keeps up to date with the meta and though knowledgeable of the meta, they define it themselves, breaking the meta, showing very high-level play. As a team, they are formidable and with the correct support network can and will make it to professional play. They have a lot of knowledge, a lot of skill. I believe Proficiency HQ have made the correct choice."

- Anix - Head Analyst

Proficiency always needed more heroes, and they're finally here to dominate.

- Board of Directors



Jayden Rutler

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