UPDATE: New CS:GO Roster!

Mon 16th Jan 2017 - 9:39pm General

We are excited to announce that our organization will continue in the CS:GO scene with the new changes to our roster. Our team will be competing in the ESEA Open and will be attending Epic20 next month.

Now, let's hear from some of the players:


"I am extremely confident with this new roster, this is my first roster where i feel confident against any opponent"


"Best team i have been in so far, can't wait to see how far we can go :^)"


"I'm glad to join and can't wait to see what's coming for us in the future"


Follow the team on twitter:








Counter-Strike: Global Offensive









Keshun B. (Founder/CEO)

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  • Thanks a lot for telling us about this updated CS:GO roster.

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