Welcome Proficiency's Rocket League Team!

Sun 30th Oct 2016 - 9:59pm General Gaming

Here at Proficiency, we are pleased to introduce our professional Rocket League roster! This will be our first step into the esports world, and we're excited. Now some quotes from our players:

"I've been working really hard for this and I’m super excited to join Proficiency. I think Proficiency will be great for our careers in many ways and I can't really think of a reason why it would be bad for us. I'm looking forward to working with Proficiency. I'm new to these things so I’m going into this open minded. I'm looking to make our team better and better in the future. I'm also looking to make this more professional and i hope that us working together with proficiency would benefit everyone involved. Overall, I’m super hyped for this and looking forward to what the future holds. <3"


"It is a really cool thing joining the organization Proficiency because they can help us and support us. In the future, I want us to become one of the top teams, support from this organization and gain more experience."


"I'm looking forward to work with Proficiency a lot. I think it will be beneficial for everyone involved and make everything more professional. Working with Proficiency will for sure motivate us all a lot to keep improving and advancing. I really hope that it'll bring the team closer together, I also hope that there will be as little change as possible regarding the roster - consistency is key. Also, I wish that this will last for a long time"


There you have it, we'll see you all out there whilst these guys demolish the competition out there in Rocket League.

-Board of Directors


[UPDATE] - December 1st, 2016

We have released our Rocket League roster.

More details here:



Jayden Rutler

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